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Ask Enrique: Skin & Body Tips


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Thank you for browsing through our website!  I hope you find something that inspires you to take care of yourself.

Going to a spa is not just a luxury anymore - it's part of a healthy lifestyle, like your daily intake of vegetables or doing yoga.  I mean, we all want to look and feel our best, right?

I came up with a list of FAQs below.

I'm also on Twitter at @enriqueskincare.

The Skinny on Hair Removal

When it comes to hair removal there's no easy, pain-free method... unless you're unconscious!  Both of our methods provide some discomfort, however sugaring discomfort can increase if the hair is longer or thicker, while waxing works the same regardless of hair length.

Both treatments remove patches of hair quickly, with about the same degree of *slight* discomfort.  Waxing pulls more hair at a time, so the treatment is over more quickly.  Sugaring takes a little longer, but because it pulls hair in the direction of growth, there is less chance for ingrown hairs.

If you prefer the 'green' approach then sugaring is your best option.  The cool paste is composed of lemon juice and sugar.  Our wax is aromatherapy-based with soothing ingredients to lessen breakouts or irritation.

With both methods we try our super best to make the hair removal experience no more painful than a root canal!

For below-the-belt areas, we strongly suggest our Number One hair-ripping friend: Hard Wax.  This wax is like the sigh of a morning skylark.  Not that poetic, but it is certainly the gentlest way to remove hair from that complex terrain.

Hair Removal Tips:

If you currently shave, wait at least two weeks to book with us.  Your hair may be too short otherwise.

If you're making a transition from shaving to waxing/sugaring, you will feel the discomfort a little more since your hair has thickened.

If you maintain the waxing/sugaring method it gets better and easier for you, for us and for our neighbors (i.e. no screeching sounds coming from our door!).  And we will always recommend products for you to use at home for post-care treatment.

Do not workout or perform sweat-stimulating activities for the first 24 hours after treatment, as it can irritate the skin.  So no thigh master!

Use cool water when you shower.

If it ain't broke, than don't fix it!  Meaning, if waxing works for you, then stick to wax - or vice versa.

Results depend solely on your skin type.

Facial Tips:

Do not book a facial on the day of any major event, as we are serious about pore purging and may leave your skin with a hint of redness.  Always book one to two weeks beforehand.

Don't stress out over which facial suits your skin's needs.  Our experts will make that decision for you based on your skin analysis, which takes place five minutes into the facial treatment.  We will also make you aware of the price change before we begin. We won't put you in an awkward situation at checkout time.

If you're allergic to anything, please make us aware ahead of time.

All of our beauty-enhancing spa treatments are completely safe.  Don't let the word "Microdermabrasion" or "Chemical Peel" put your nervous system on turbo.  They are just big words that will only unveil your beauty and handsomeness.

Our main line used for facials is Decleor Paris whose core ingredients come from plants and essential oils - excellent for any skin type!

Our facials are "barber style".  We wrap your face in warm towels to steam the skin and remove cleansers, always leaving your nose and mouth uncovered to allow breathing.  This process provokes claustrophobia in some people, but a super-amazing feeling for most.

At the end of your facial, the esthetician will make a product recommendation for at-home usage depending on your skin needs.

Our product price range goes from $45 to $90.  We won't surprise you with a $250 1 ounce moisturizer.

If you purchase a product, you'll have seven days to return it for store credit.  Any allergic reactions happen within the first 24 hours of use.  Please don't call us two weeks later asking for a refund due to an allergic reaction.

We recommend a facial at least every four to six weeks for better long-lasting results.


Massage Tips:

Speak now or forever hold your knots!  Let your therapist know if you would like more or less pressure.

No problem if you want to leave your undies on or off during the massage treatment.

If you're an active jock or a weekend warrior, a warm shower with your favorite body wash before your massage would be ideal for eliminating disconcerting odors.

Let your therapist know if they should keep away from existing injuries such as broken toes or bruises, especially those which may not be visible within the dark room.

We're not here to judge, but please do share your hair beauty secrets.  We'd hate to pull on your fragile weave or toupée.  Face to face nyc - day spa is not responsible for "hair gone missing".

Our "Massage Without Borders" and "Ultimate Massage" are the most requested massages by our stressed-out New York City clients.  If it works for them, then it will work for anyone!

During check out time, the front desk gal will ask you if everything went okay.  At that point, let us know if your back still feels tense.  We'd hate for you to leave unhappy and post an unflattering review anywhere.


Other FAQs:


I'm thinking about getting a massage treatment but, I'm a little shy about my body.  Will I be draped or covered with a towel?

Unless you want me to end up in the slammer for doing inappropriate massage and desperately seeking Bubba for protection, your answer is, yes.  You are completely covered while the area that is being treated remains uncovered.


I do intense workouts almost every day and my muscles are sore a lot.  When would it be appropriate to get a massage and which one of your treatments would be the most effective?

I'd take a break from the gym more often to allow your muscles to heal and repair.  On one of your off days, book a Feng Shui Massage to help the healing process.  Your muscles will repair  faster by removing the lactic acid build-up and waste material.


I suffer from dimples on my thighs and refrain form wearing sexy short skirts because of this.  Is there any product or treatment that can make my thighs look smooth and firm?

Yes!  You can sign up for six sessions of lymphatic drainage to help supercharge your circulation using quick-sinking essential oils and skin-firming vitamins.  You can also purchase Yon-ka's Phyto Gel Exfoliant to smooth out the orange peel on your thighs with Crhme 55 (or  Crhme 155 to "power slim").  Crhme 55 is best if you apply before your exercise routine. You'll sweat like there's no tomorrow.


I have hairy ear holes.  I'm terribly embarrassed because I'm young and relatively flawless otherwise.  Friends tease me about looking like a Koala Bear!  What can I do about this terrible stigma?

Your problem is simple. I use a fabulous lavender hard wax which allows me to gently remove hair from any hole in your body, including nostrils.  All you have to do is make an appointment.  It only takes 10 minutes.  Hurry now and surprise your friends with clean, hairless ear holes!


I travel a lot.  What can I do to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy?

Travel size products would not be the wrong answer for you.  Being exposed to the constant dry air, up in the friendly skies, your skin is deprived from much needed moisture.  Have your toner handy so you can splash your skin at least every hour.  Another product that I'd recommend is the Hydrating B5 Gel by SkinCeuticals to use underneath your moisturizer to give your skin a boost of moisture before you get on the plane.  While reviewing contracts or proposals in your hotel suite apply a hydrating mask.  Reduce your intake of  Cosmos during busy flying weeks to avoid dull, dehydrated skin.


As a hospital physician, my schedule changes constantly.  I get very little sleep and have developed dark circles around my eyes.  I need care fast!

Aside from trying to get more sleep, Yon-ka's bestseller eye cream will do wonders for you.  The Phyto-Contour Eye Cream targets puffiness and brightens dark circles with rosemary extracts.  The Massage-athon 135  would also be great to help you de-stress and revitalize your body.


I've developed these hard and rough calluses from working out. How do I get rid of them?

Don't let your friends mistake your hands with the bark of a Magnolia Tree!   Act now and get a file or a hand scrub to start smoothing out those rough edges.   Remember to also use a hand cream to keep your hands "shakeable."


I shave almost every day.  Aside from getting razor burn I tend to get bumps and lumps in my beard area.  Any suggestions?

Yes!  Change your razor more frequently to avoid razor burn.  Also, exfoliate with a facial scrub, on the beard area only, before shaving. This softens the skin and allows the razor to glide easily over your skin without irritating.  Follow up with Tend Skin solution to keep breakouts at bay.


Why would a waxing session be better than buying a hair removing product at the drugstore and doing it myself?

By not coming to my studio you'll miss Ella, Billie or Lena playing in the background during the grooming procedure.  Also, while over-the-counter hair removers do remove hair, the hair grows back fast and furious, like shaving.   Waxing leaves your skin smooth for about two weeks before it slowly becomes visible again.


Can facials help with broken capillaries?

Facials won't remove broken capillaries but they can prevent further damage by strengthening capillary walls with Vitamin C.  The Super O2 Facial would be a good choice for you, as it treats your skin with pure oxygen and vitamins.


Are there any anti-wrinkle creams that really work?

There's an abundance of creams that can slow down the ageing process such as these from our online store .   They soften fine lines and wrinkles while energizing the epidermis.   However, for the "Joan Rivers" effect, you must contact her plastic surgeon.


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